Begi’s Law Offices & Chambers is a law practice that is aimed at personalizing the practice of law in satisfying the needs of the client. At BLOC, we pride ourselves in giving of High Quality Legal Consultancy, Representation and Advocacy Services. We achieve this through the use of state of the art legal tools as well as through our highly skilled personnel. We derive our satisfaction in providing modern and innovative solutions to variety of legal problems



Civil and Criminal Litigation
Corporate and Commercial Consultancy and Advisory
Conveyancing and Property Transaction





We believe that as advocates, our primary professional responsibility is to you our client. We strive to ensure that you as a client, gets, accurate legal information and analysis on the problem that you face. We will equip you with skills to enable you make adequate and wise decisions in your matter, be it transactional or litigation. Our responsibility to you is a duty to us to update ... Read more

Accuracy of research

We at Begi’s Law Offices & Chambers take pride in the high quality and accuracy of legal research and consultancy we offer to our clients. We ensure that our clients have concise, well researched and well drafted legal opinions on the matters they have. This will enable you as a client to be able to evaluate and come up with the best decision on the multiple options that are usually available as solutions to legal problems.


Our office always endeavors to address client’s problems in the fastest and most efficient way. From 24 hour police station representation for our clients who may conflict with law enforcement, to rapid court orders for those who need urgent court remedies, we ensure that you as the client gets around the clock representation, regardless of the slow wheels of justice in our courtrooms.


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